Friday, March 10, 2006

Is lane splitting for motorcycles legal in the Philippines? Is there a maximum speed limit, let's say 0-30kph, when lane splitting is allowed? As a matter of fact, have we any regulations on this?

For those unfamiliar with the term, here's a visual example:
Please note that this biker was not "breaking" any traffic rules and regulations, and is just being used to illustrate this post.

Anyway, personally, we don't have any issues regarding this, as long as the following conditions exist:
1. The road has at least two lanes each way
2. Lane splitting should not be done in the middle of the two lanes going the other way
3. The road is fairly straight and not curving
4. There is a traffic jam with speeds from 0-20 or so kph
5. Of course, the rider should have the necessary safety equipment and gear, like sideview mirrors, helmets, etc.

Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, most, if not all, of the above are not observed, especially by the smaller bikes. Even bike-riding cops and traffic enforcers are guilty of this. I hope the MMDA and the LGUs start issuing some regulations regarding this. If they already have, then maybe it's time to really enforce these.


Anonymous said...

lane splitting is morronic, idiotic and who ever does it is an ass that belongs on the gutter and not our roads.