Monday, September 29, 2008

Since October 1 has already been declared a public holiday, coding will automatically be suspended throughout the whole of Metro Manila.

Surprise, surprise! Seems like there's actually a 40kph speed limit on EDSA, which was established by Republic Act No. 4136.

But the MMDA is not enforcing this since the limit set by the law, which was first enacted on June 20, 1964, is not applicable in this day and age. According to MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, there are so many cars that it is practically impossible for cars to reach this speed. MMDA General Manager Robert Nacianceno, on the other hand, is of the opinion that automotive safety technology has advanced enough to make this limit inapplicable. Read more about it here.

Well, we think that it's about time that the government review and revise this particular law. A 60 or even 80kph speed limit would be more applicable to major thoroughfares like EDSA. However, we feel that a separate speed limit should be applied to the yellow lanes, since driving fast on these lanes would present the most danger to pedestrians and property. In this case, a 40kph limit would probably be best.

P.S. Chairman BF's opinion is kinda short-sighted. While it is true that EDSA is congested for most of the day, it is still possible to drive way beyond the 40kph limit during certain periods of the day and most definitely on weekends. So having the right speed limit, and enforcing it, would still be appropriate.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saw this pickup on Saturday around lunch time on EDSA.How in Heaven's name can a license plate break like this accidentally?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No more phones while driving?
There's a pending bill that proposes a total ban on the use of cellphones while driving. The weird thing about it is that it exempts law enforcers, rescue vehicle drivers (ambulances, fire engines, etc.) and media people. Maybe their training gave them abilities beyond that of the common man.

Actually, the cities of Manila, Makati and Cebu already have regulations banning this, but it is hardly enforced (unless the enforcers really need money). The bill, we believe, seeks to expand coverage to the whole country.

Spycams in Pasay
Pasay City will be installing CCTV cameras on major roads in the city for traffic monitoring. However, Florencio Mateo, chief of the Pasay City Traffic and Parking Management Office, has also said that the cameras will be used to monitor "abusive" traffic enforcers. So, smile everyone! You're on candid camera!

PNP and LTO admits to existence of fake plate syndicate
Seems like the PNP and LTO have caught some of the small fry who are part of a syndicate selling fake license plates right inside LTO's main compound. In a sting operation, the police were able to buy a yellow plate, an 8 protocol plate and a diplomatic plate from this group, each for just P9,000.00, complete with the appropriate LTO documents. A closer inspection of the plates reveal that, although quite similar to legitimate plates, the LTO is able to determine that these were indeed fake (which we suppose would be something that your everyday traffic enforcer would be unable to do).

Kaya pala kumakalat ngayon yung mga special plates sa kalye. They should really start cleaning up their own backyard.

Friday, September 19, 2008

First, Eastern Petroleum and SeaOil implemented a 50 cent reduction in gas and diesel prices last Wednesday. The big three, Shell, Petron and Chevron, responded by lowering their prices by 1 peso beginning 12mn today. This prompted both Eastern and SeaOil to augment their rollback by another 50 cents starting 6am today, as well (read about both these developments here). And now, UniOil has just announced that they will cut gasoline and diesel prices by 3 and 2 pesos, respectively, by 2pm tomorrow (read about it here).

Now, this is what a free market is all about, and what deregularization should have led to (at least, in a corruption-free environment). We sure hope that this trend continues, 'cos in a price war, it's the consumer that wins.

PISTON has announced that it will be leading a nationwide protest against the slow reduction of pump prices on Monday. Although, this won't be a full-on transport strike, be prepared for some difficulties if this does push through. Read more about it here.

Everyone better watch out 'cos the PDEA commemorative plates being hawked in the metro these days are fake! These plates are being sold by a group called Citizen Anti-Drug Action Group (CADAG) at PhP 10,000.00, which is quite pricey. They're also saying that the plate will give them "immunity from apprehension by any traffic enforcement units," which we all know is so untrue. So, if anyone tries to sell this to you, do your part to keep our country clean and report them to the PDEA. Their hotlines are 929-7902, 928-3534, 928-4060, 928-0090 and 928-6829 local 0.

Read the full article on the Inquirer here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dare we dream?

Shell announces that there may still be another rollback this coming weekend. And if one of them goes, the rest will surely follow. Read more about it here.

Sayang. Kaka-load up ko lang nung Sunday. Petron had diesel at P50.98/liter, which probably meant that they actually reduced it by P3.00 last week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

LTFRB chairman Thompson Lantin hinted that a possible rollback on taxi fares may happen soon if LPG prices continue to go down. However, he said that taxi drivers will have to file a petition for the rollback with the LTFRB.

Huh? That's like asking a senator to file a bill to remove pork barrel from the 2009 budget!

Anyway, read the article from GMANEWS.TV here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shell, Petron, Chevron (Caltex) and UniOil have all announced a P2.00 rollback for fuel prices, effective 12:01am on Friday, September 12. Is this in response to government pressure to explain why fuel prices are not going down at the same rate that they went up in relation to world oil prices? Anyway, read the article from PDI here.

Unfortunately, FEJODAP, or the Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines, have announced that they will only rollback jeepney fares when diesel prices go back to P37 per liter. With the latest rollback, diesel pump prices would be around P52 per liter.