Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Saw this brand spanking new police car on C5 at 6:55pm.
Iba na talaga ang mga pulis ngayon! E, kung bumili na lang kaya sila ng Toyota Vios at yung diperensya, ibili na lang nila ng gasolina para naman makahabol sila ng mga kriminal?

Anyway, again with the no plates. Practice what you preach, I say!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here's another loading and unloading hotspot. This time it's at the Ortigas-Eisenhower T-intersection.
On the first pic, you see the G-Liner bus number 3001 at the front of the line with several cars behind it, and the light just turned green. On the second pic taken around a minute later, you see the same bus stopped in the middle of the T-intersection, loading and unloading passengers. Wala talagang konsiderasyon ang mga ito.

Anyway, on a side note, abuso din yung CR-V (YCP 216) on the first pic. While on the third lane, he cut into the second lane so that he can turn left on Eisenhower, forcing all the cars going straight to stick to the outermost lane (which, in turn, was blocked by the stupid bus). Just goes to show that even the supposed "educated" ones can be quite stupid, as well.

Despite the presence of a no left turn sign, these guys continue to ignore it, causing a bottleneck.
Why-oh-why can't people follow the signs? Government vehicle pa naman yung owner-type jeep (SCY 455) sa second picture.

As I mentioned in a previous post, here's a pic of those jeepneys swerving to the right to get to the loading and unloading zone on the foot of the Nagtahan-Aurora bridge.
Couldn't they move the stop around 100 or so meters further so that they don't block the traffic coming from the ground-level intersection?

This series of pictures were taken at the Nagtahan ground-level intersection at around 4:45pm today.

Number 1: The light is red, he crosses the intersection, causing a bit of a bottleneck.
Number 2: He does this just so that he can park (see the 4th picture). And park he does, eating up a portion of the road. No doubt, this will add to the traffic there.
Number 3: The police car does not sport any license plate nor does it have the conduction sticker.

Please, MMDA, PNP and local governments, clean your ranks first!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Caught these three taxis (with plate numbers PXM 289, TVF 457 and TWZ 190) crossing the Ortigas-Madison intersection on a red light.
Ano 'to? Follow the leader?

Kudos to this guy!
I think the jeepney was trying to turn left from Aurora Boulevard to V. Mapa (is this allowed?) and ended up occupying the yellow box in the middle of the intersection. So the enforcer forced him to go straight instead. Buti nga sa 'yo!

This time, it's at the foot of the Nagtahan bridge on Aurora Boulevard.
Not only do the jeeps stop at the foot of the two-lane bridge, blocking traffic, they also swerve immediately to the right of the road once they get past the island to pick up other passengers waiting on the sidewalk, blocking those coming from the ground level intersection. Wala na ba talagang magawa ang mga traffic enforcers sa mga ganitong bagay?

Friday, November 25, 2005

This taxi was seen going southbound on South Super Highway at around 12:11pm today with no plates. The plate number, seen from the side markings, is TWH 781.
I really wonder why traffic enforcers allow these vehicles to operate without one. Are they really that apathetic about these things?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Saw this Wallis cab on EDSA earlier tonight at around 7:49pm. I just can't understand how he managed to break his license plate.
Anyway, I managed to take a pic of his side markings, which includes his plate number (TWJ 629).

Is the MMDA above the law? The driver of this Environmental Health Monitoring Operations vehicle with plate no. SEG 421 seems to think so. These pics were taken at the Gov. Forbes-Espana intersection at around 11:33am this morning.
The guy stops in the middle of the intersection to talk to the traffic enforcer, and makes an illegal left turn with the enforcer's help. Iba talaga pag taga-gobyerno dito.

Seems like I was wrong when I said that there was no left turn from Gov. Forbes to Fajardo in a previous post. Passed by there earlier today and confirmed that it is allowed. It just seems so weird that the vehicles seen in my previous post turned left when the light to cross the intersection going the other way turned green.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I thought that only buses did this, but this guy proved me wrong.
Ang respetado pa naman ng itsura nito'ng taong 'to. Naka-barong, may attache case, at may driver pa. Balahura din pala.

Just look at these guys! One's parked on the road and the other on the sidewalk in front of La Salle Greenhills on Ortigas.
Right underneath the No Parking and Sidewalks are for People signs. Just goes to show how much respect these motorists have for the government.

This Toyota Revo was seen making a U turn on Aurora Blvd. this afternoon at around 2:13pm.
And just in case you guys couldn't read the plate number, here's an extreme closeup.These signs were put up for a reason. So why can't people follow them?

Again, either catch these guys or take down the signs!

With signs like these, who needs traffic enforcers? This was seen at the Gov. Forbes-Dapitan intersection.
So, when can vehicles make a right?

Saw these two MMDA trucks stopped at the foot of the South Super Highway-Buendia flyover.
There seemed to be a lot of MMDA personnel going back and forth the road, and up and down the trucks. But, for some reason, they don't seem to be doing anything. Except cause traffic, that is. Why can't they do this at night?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here's another bike cop caught flaunting the laws. This guy was seen at UN Ave. at the intersection in front of Unilever, at around 7:53pm.
Aside from not wearing a helmet, he seems to take pleasure in hiding the license plate of his bike. I wonder why?

Not really sure if there is a left turn from Gov. Forbes to Fajardo St. as there are no left turn lights, but these guys suddenly turned left when the lights to cross the intersection turned green.
Seems like signage is really something that MMDA and the local governments can improve at. Otherwise, they should really start catching these bastards.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Huling-huli talaga 'tong taksi'ng 'to! This Matmat taxi, with plate number PVY 112, was caught making an illegal left turn from South Super Highway to San Andres this afternoon at around 5:09pm.

I just found out that the Welcome rotunda is no longer one. A rotunda, that is.
Isn't a rotunda supposed to help manage the flow of traffic? Of course, this assumes that the motorists are all law-abiding and courteous drivers, mindful of others. Which, of course, we are not.

Friday, November 18, 2005

As promised in a previous post, here's a picture of one of the brave individuals crossing the South Super Highway underneath the Magallanes Interchange.
Maybe she's running to get to the safety of the PNP Checkpoint. Minsan talaga, iisipin mo na lang na tatanga-tanga lang talaga ang ating mga pulis. Harap-harapan na, hindi pa rin makuha.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Here's another traffic-causing illegal loading and unloading hotspot. This one's right in front of SM Centrepoint in Sta. Mesa.
Are all traffic enforcers really powerless against these drivers?

Just look at this intersection (taken at 6:23pm today).
Seems like the Mitsubishi Adventure tried to beat the red light but got trapped in the middle of the intersection. And there's a guy crossing, or should I say jaywalking, right in the middle. Where are the cops when you need them? Yeesh!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Saw this Pajero going northbound on C5 at around 6:30pm, without his rear plate. Meron naman plaka sa harap.
Too bad I couldn't read the front plate from the pic I took.

Saw this owner-type jeep (SGZ 376) going southbound on South Super Highway at around 3:37pm.
Is this an official police vehicle? I know the has red plates, but where are the police markings? If it ain't an official police vehicle, then why does he have the flashing light?

Just look at this bunch of people, waiting practically in the middle of the road. And at South Super Highway.
Again, it's really a chicken-or-egg situation. Maybe the cops should just bust all of them. The bus drivers for illegal loading and unloading, and the commuters for jaywalking.

Here's another cop flaunting the laws. Saw this guy on his scooter on Gov. Forbes at 3:13pm.
No helmet and no rearview mirrors. I know this may be small things to some people, but I really do believe that cops should follow the law to the letter and be an example to the rest of the population. How else will they gain the moral high ground?

This time, it's a Hyundai Starex (SHH 595), seen at Gov. Forbes at around 3:12pm.
Hope they start spending the money on better things.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Again, no parking signs are ignored. This time, it's at N. Domingo in San Juan.
Again, if you won't enforce it, just take they d**n signs down!

Saw this cop driving his scooter on Gov. Forbes this morning at 9:25am.
No plates, not wearing a helmet...tsk, tsk. Nakakahiya ka! Pulis ka pa naman!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Typical of public utility vehicles, I saw this AUV (TWU 884) at Sucat Road loading passengers while straddling between two lanes.
Will these guys ever learn? Or maybe a better question to ask is when will traffic enforcers do their jobs and teach these guys the proper way to do things?