Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wonder why Ayala Land has to add to the terrible traffic on Makati Ave. by putting these things on the road.
I guess they want to force more cars to park in their parking lots. Hehehe.

Just kidding. That was pretty unfair of me.

'Nuf said.

Here's another fender-bender that added to the terrible traffic on EDSA.
Wala kasi'ng bigayan kaya umaabot sa banggaan.

Now this is what I call overloaded.

Ang kapal talaga nito'ng may-ari ng Expedition na ito.
Palibhasa, mukhang mayor yung may-ari, kasi yung plaka n'ya sa harap, commemorative plate na nakasulat MAYOR.

This is a classic example of government abuse. They should really come down hard on this guy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Saw this guy texting while driving on EDSA.
Giving him credit, traffic was really crawling then.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Until now, the MMDA still hasn't done anything about the jeepneys stopping in the middle of the intersection on the EDSA-Pasong Tamo underpass.
Considering that there's an MMDA outpost just a few meters away...hay naku!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Saw these cars parked on Domestic Road, right in front of the pay parking lot in front of the airport.
It was already a bit traffic cos of people coming and going home for Christmas, and these guys weren't helping any. And, hey, if they can afford these luxury cars, can't they spare 30 bucks for parking?

Friday, December 23, 2005

There must really be an epidemic of color blindness in Sucat, cos these guys keep on mistaking red for green.

A view of traffic on the SLEX from the Alabang flyover.

At the Alabang flyover - 12:04:18
Turns out the traffic was caused by the extremely long line of vehicles exiting to Sucat.
The start of the line - 12:11:37
The line started even before the yellow lane, which is over a kilometer from the exit.
The 1 kilometer marker - 12:14:41
The 300 meter marker - 12:23:57
And, finally, the Sucat interchange!
A couple of clowns - 12:29:45
Imagine! Over 25 minutes to travel approximately 4 kilometers! If we traveled by horse, they'd be jumping for joy.

Tapos, may mga singit pa sa pila kagaya nito!
Hay naku talaga!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I wonder what this guy did?

The cement they used to patch up this part of the road leading towards the C5-Ortigas intersection must really be special.
It's probably one of those excellent but slow drying cement types that takes around a month to set. *

* For those who don't get it, that was a sarcastic comment.

The vehicles heading towards Cainta on Ortigas seems to have found an alternative way to cross the C5 intersection. Whenever the light turns red, they turn right on C5, pass the u-turn slot under the bridge, and cut immediately to the right so they can turn right again on Ortigas.
Kaso, they end up blocking those on C5 crossing towards Libis.

They should really find a way to prevent these vehicles, who by the way, are mostly jeepneys, from doing this. Masama na nga ang trapik, pinasasama pa nila!

Almost all of the ABS-CBN vehicles I've seen have this huge PBB sticker plastered on their rear windshield.
Nakakakita pa ba kaya yung mga driver nila?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Does this mean no u-turn or no left turn?

Saw this taxi on EDSA right before the Santolan flyover at 9:02pm.
He was stubbornly trying to cut in on everyone so he can get up the flyover while blocking most everyone trying to get to the ground-level intersection. Typical, no consideration at all.

And, he has a really stupid looking home-made license plate.

Saw this Nissan Urvan on the SLEX. Seems like the owner is such a neat freak that he has practically wiped out all the paint on his license plate.
Tried to "enhance" the picture to make the letters and numbers come out but all I could get was blank-blank-Z-8-2-6. Ano naman kaya ang tinatago ng may-ari nito.

Hahaha! Buti nga sa 'yo!
Anyway, the jeep was blocking the intersection. Funny though, the cop wasn't doing anything about the multitude of bikes doing the exact same thing the jeep was doing.

The biggest reason for the terrible traffic on the west service road of the SLEX is the jeepney loading and unloading area in front of Astra-Zeneca.
Jeepneys park on both sides of the road loading and unloading passengers, leaving a small gap in the middle barely big enough for a car to get through. Hope they do something about this so that the service road can become a good alternative to SLEX traffic.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Saw this Toyota off-road vehicle on EDSA near Santolan.
License plates starting with S are usually reserved for government vehicles and, thus, are usually red. But this one even had green registration stickers. Didn't know, though, that the LTO allowed vanity plates starting with S.

Saw this Tamaraw FX with a television right on the dashboard on Kalayaan leading towards C5.
Pretty dangerous, considering that the driver kept on glancing at the TV, even while the vehicle was moving (even if traffic was moving quite slowly).

Monday, December 19, 2005

MMDA has announced a two-week suspension of the MVVRP beginning today until Jan. 1, 2006. Of course, Makati has again exempted themselves from this. For more details, click here.

Do you honestly think this is a good idea?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

This must be one of the worst bus stops in the whole of Metro Manila.
And to think there's an MMDA outpost right in the corner. Can't they do anything about this?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well, he did have plates. Problem is, it just said TRAFFIC.
Anyway, this was taken at Sucat Road at 10:56am this morning.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Despite the lateness of the hour (9:23pm), these two MMDA enforcers were still on the job.
Anyway, this car (I think it was one of those sporty Mazdas) decided to go against the flow and entered the Magallanes interchange underpass leading to Pasong Tamo extension (which is one way going the other way), and these guys stopped him cold.

If someone from the MMDA sees these, they should give them medals or something. Better yet, a nice big fat bonus!

This was taken at the Bicutan interchange, right in front of SM Bicutan.
The number of people who cross the road are amazing. And despite the presence of SM guards and PNCC enforcers to manage these pedestrians, the sheer numbers just make it so difficult that they end up as a traffic hazard.

Although SM built a pedestrian overpass, it's just too far from the intersection. I think it's time that the Paranaque City government builds a new pedestrian overpass.

Calling Mayor Bernabe!

Saw this Pajero on Dona Soledad in Better Living at around 6:02pm.
Aside from sporting blue-and-red blinkers inside his front grill, he actually was trying to start a counter-flow, despite the fact that there were already cars going the other way on the lane he was trying to transfer to. Tapos, siya pa ang galit! Ang kapal talaga!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here are a few MVVRP violators that were seen today (Tuesday).
With the number of violators that I see everyday, I'm beginning to think if it is still worth posting pictures related to the MVVRP.

Excerpt from the MMDA website:


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is going wireless in its monitoring and reporting of untidy and disorderly incidences in the metropolis to ensure a quick response system.

This was announced today by MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando who said that through the Blue Tooth technology, anyone with a Multimedia Messaging System or MMS-enabled cellular phone can soon snap pictures and video clips of road emergencies, traffic accidents, erring MMDA traffic enforcers and other personnel, and streets and highways wanting in cleanliness and orderliness, and send them to the agency's Metrobase group that will guarantee action on the same in a jiffy or within 48 hours, at the most.

MMS is an evolution of the Short Message Service or SMS being used by mobile networks for text messaging system. With MMS-enabled cell phones, users can compose and send messages containing text and one or more multimedia elements like digital photos, audio and video.

By putting in place the MMS-Aided Monitoring System (MAMS), we can now assure the public of a more attuned and improved response system in the effective delivery of our services to Metro Manila residents, particularly in the areas of traffic management, flood control and solid waste disposal," Fernando said.

Target date for the implementation of the MAMS is by January next year.

Nacancieno said the public may also avail of the MAMS once they spot illegally-parked vehicles, garbage piles, flooded areas, smoke-belching vehicles, littered streets, clogged waterways, sidewalk obstructions, unattended excavations, people indiscriminately dumping garbage, damaged sewer pipes, encroachments, illegal transport terminals, damaged traffic signs, open manholes, vagrants, graffiti, overloaded jeepneys, heavy traffic or choke points, illegally-installed billboards, garbage-filled waterways, illegal burning of garbage, damaged water pipes, no reflectorized traffic signs and uncovered garbage trucks.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I tried emailing Chairman BF at the email address published in the MMDA website. It bounced. Tried forwarding it to the webmaster. It bounced again.

Well, that's the government for you.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Saw these two vehicles turn left from EDSA to Santolan at 6:47pm this evening.
Harap-harapan talaga ang pagka-garapal nito'ng mga ito. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get their plate numbers.

Saw these two trucks this evening with their rear plates strategically placed.

Shouldn't it be time that the MMDA just revoke this regulation? If they won't, then they should lean on the LTO and the dealers to speed up their processing.