Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Excerpt from the MMDA website:


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is going wireless in its monitoring and reporting of untidy and disorderly incidences in the metropolis to ensure a quick response system.

This was announced today by MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando who said that through the Blue Tooth technology, anyone with a Multimedia Messaging System or MMS-enabled cellular phone can soon snap pictures and video clips of road emergencies, traffic accidents, erring MMDA traffic enforcers and other personnel, and streets and highways wanting in cleanliness and orderliness, and send them to the agency's Metrobase group that will guarantee action on the same in a jiffy or within 48 hours, at the most.

MMS is an evolution of the Short Message Service or SMS being used by mobile networks for text messaging system. With MMS-enabled cell phones, users can compose and send messages containing text and one or more multimedia elements like digital photos, audio and video.

By putting in place the MMS-Aided Monitoring System (MAMS), we can now assure the public of a more attuned and improved response system in the effective delivery of our services to Metro Manila residents, particularly in the areas of traffic management, flood control and solid waste disposal," Fernando said.

Target date for the implementation of the MAMS is by January next year.

Nacancieno said the public may also avail of the MAMS once they spot illegally-parked vehicles, garbage piles, flooded areas, smoke-belching vehicles, littered streets, clogged waterways, sidewalk obstructions, unattended excavations, people indiscriminately dumping garbage, damaged sewer pipes, encroachments, illegal transport terminals, damaged traffic signs, open manholes, vagrants, graffiti, overloaded jeepneys, heavy traffic or choke points, illegally-installed billboards, garbage-filled waterways, illegal burning of garbage, damaged water pipes, no reflectorized traffic signs and uncovered garbage trucks.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I tried emailing Chairman BF at the email address published in the MMDA website. It bounced. Tried forwarding it to the webmaster. It bounced again.

Well, that's the government for you.