Monday, January 30, 2006

This is nearing it's fourth week already.

Again, how will riders follow the helmet laws if the enforcers themselves don't follow them?
Anyway, this cop was seen on C5 at around 6:32pm. When I finally got to pass him, I saw that his helmet was on top of the gas tank, between his legs. I guess, he felt that the cap made him look way cooler than the helmet.

Saw this Vanette earlier this evening. Just look at the way he sticks on the registration stickers on his license plate.
It's just funny to see the extent that some people will go to just to avoid being caught during their "coding" days.

This guy was seen on Sucat Road, heading towards SLEX, going around 25kph on the fast lane.
Not only is this dangerous, but it's downright irritating.

Anyway, his rear license plate is also unreadable because of the rear bumper.

Saw the beat up Paranaque police car again. This car was first seen last January 24, as recorded in this post.
They really ought to have this car repaired, otherwise, it won't do much good. Not only that, they should really teach the driver to follow traffic laws and not park in the no parking area.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saw this Ford Ranger in Ayala Alabang this morning.
This is actually the second sighting of this particular vehicle, as they were seen before on EDSA, as recorded in a previous post. The Cadillac Escalade was actually right behind the Ranger.

I wonder who this guy is? More importantly, I wonder how he gets away with openly violating our traffic laws?

Just look at this pic of the southbound ground-level road leading to the EDSA-Shaw intersection.There must really be something wrong with the way the traffic enforcers manage the loading and unloading of the buses in front of Starmall.

And bus drivers like the one driving this Pascual liner really just make it all worse. Dapat talaga bawasan na yung mga ganito sa kalye!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Harap-harapan talaga!
And to think na palaging madaming enforcers d'yan sa intersection na 'yan!

It was so traffic on Wilson, and these guys aren't helping any!
Especially, the first one! Mahiya ka naman!

Anyway, it was all caused by the cars parked in front of DEC, probably because people were buying stuff in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebration.
The irritating thing about it was there were a couple of cops and a number of security guards already trying to get these guys to move, park properly and manage the rest of the traffic, but they were powerless. Either they didn't know how to manage the situation, or they didn't really want to do anything about it.


I wonder what this traffic enforcer is doing? This was seen on C5, just after the Kalayaan intersection.
Emissions test? Nah. Caught 'cos of coding? But it was a Saturday. Something to do with the plate, then. Well, if the vehicle is really in violation of some law, then I commend the enforcer!

Just hope that it's all in the up 'n up.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wow! A government-owned Ford Expedition! The assignee must really be an extremely valuable employee of the government, contributing greatly to the country's economy.
No wonder the government bought him a multi-million peso vehicle that consumes around 15 pesos for every kilometer it traverses. And that doesn't even take into account wear-and-tear and ongoing maintenance, insurance and registration costs!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A previous post showed northbound buses loading and unloading right on the flyover. This time, it's the other side of EDSA.
The buses that stop here block the vehicles coming out of Amorsolo and those that go on the ground-level side road leading to Pasong Tamo.

You'd think that this happens only at night, when there are no traffic enforcers. But, no! This happens during the daytime, even during rush hours, right in front of these enforcers. And, what do they do? Typically, nothing. Or sometimes, they'd give the buses a rap with their sticks. Just once, I'd like to see an enforcer giving a bus driver a ticket. Just once.

Here are pics of a couple of accidents seen on EDSA tonight.

This first one seems like the driver was attempting the "driving on two wheels" stunt that you see on movies.
This next one involved three vehicles, a tanker, a Vios and an Innova (I think). This happened right before the ongoing construction on the stretch of EDSA between Estrella and Buendia. Probably a result of tailgating, coupled by the typical walang bigayan attitude.

This time, it's at Santolan.
Mga tatlong linggo na 'ata 'to. Kelan pa kaya maaayos ito?

Now, this can be quite dangerous in certain situations.

Saw this police car on EDSA earlier tonight. He was using his wang-wang frequently, trying to get the cars in front of him to give way.
Now, if this guy was really trying to catch a criminal, or was on his way to an important crime scene, why doesn't he use his blinkers to get everyone's attention? And why doesn't he keep his siren on all the time, instead of using it in short bursts? If I were him, and I was on an urgent mission, then I'd be driving like the worst jerk in the world, blaring my sirens and blinkers, beeping my horn and flashing my lights, so that everyone would get out of the way.

TMG ka pa naman. Nakakahiya ka talaga!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How do you expect people to be able to drive properly, if their car is not equipped properly?

With police cars like these, Paranaque must have a real difficult time catching criminals.
No plates, broken tail lights, even the sideview mirrors are gone. Anyway, I do hope that this is just a fluke, and that the car is really scheduled for maintenance.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Here's another pic of jeepneys completely ignoring the the No loading & unloading sign at the EDSA-Santolan intersection.
The not-so-funny thing here is that: 1) This is right in front of the PNP headquarters, and 2) There are always a number of MMDA enforcers at this particular intersection.

Friday, January 20, 2006

These guys occupy 4 lanes of the 6-lane road.And they do this in full view of the MMDA outpost on the corner of EDSA-McKinley. These guys must really be blind, morons or on the take.

Just look at these buses load and unload passengers on the SLEX-EDSA portion of the Magallanes flyover.
No wonder it's always traffic going to Makati. These guys just leave one lane (and sometimes even block the whole off-ramp) for all vehicles going from the south to EDSA.

Still some more examples of vehicles that have license plate problems, all taken on the same day.

This Escape has a tinted plate cover in front but none on the back. A pretty obvious attempt to avoid being caught during his coding days.
This next one shows a Corolla with the ever-present partially covered plate at the back.
This St. Clair Security & Investigation Agency, Inc. armored car had not plate at all.
And this Corolla had no plate in front. Again, another obvious coding avoidance move.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

These two incidents, which were around 200m from each other, caused a lot of traffic on SLEX this morning.
Anyway, there seemed to be too many Skyway Patrol people helping the Terrano, while not enough were helping vehicles get around the accident. That's prioritization for you.

Saw this on the stretch of EDSA between Ayala and Buendia. I wonder what what these guys are after this time?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Here are a few more vehicles that were seen using plate covers that makes it extremely difficult to read their license plate numbers.

If you look closely, aside from having the plastic cover, this Mitsubishi L300 van even had one of those metal grill type covers underneath.Here's another L300 van that was seen using a metal grill cover. Buti na lang, hindi na linagyan yung harap.

As you may or may not know, press vehicles are exempted from the MVVRP (or coding, as it is more commonly known). I suppose the reasoning behind this is that ensuring that the right news at the right time is presented to the public is one of the important components of a democracy.

But, as shown in this pic, this can and is quite often abused.
Now, what kind of news comes out on the Buy & Sell newspaper that can be so important to the general public?!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This pic was actually taken last December 17, but for some reason, I decided not to post it. But after reading this post at the Goon Squad HQ forum, I decided to come out with it.
Anyway, the use of these tinted plate covers, which make it difficult to read the license plate, should really be banned. This also goes for any other type of plate cover that has the same effect, such as the grill type cover used by the Lite Ace below.
The fact that the MMDA, police, LTO or local governments are not doing anything about it just shows how much these officials are really serious about really cleaning up our country. If they can't fix problems as small as these, how can we expect them to fix the bigger problems plaguing us these days?

Monday, January 09, 2006

As a follow-up to a previous post, here's a better pic of the cars blocking the intersection on the C5-Ortigas intersection.
Hope the MMDA enforcers here wise up and start doing what they're supposed to.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mag-helmet ka naman!

Saw this L300 with an unreadable rear license plate in Sucat at 6:27pm. Don't know if it's because of the dirty plate cover or if the color of the letters and numbers have been rubbed off.
No matter what editing I tried in Photoshop, I couldn't make the letters and numbers come out. I'm no expert, though.

Anyway, tried taking a pic of the front plate, but unfortunately, I couldn't see anything as well.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The traffic enforcers at this intersection are one of the laziest and stupidest I have ever seen.

Coming from C5, I typically cross this intersection so that I can get to the u-turn slot to get to Ortigas heading towards EDSA. And whenever the light turns green, the intersection is always blocked by vehicles on Ortigas heading towards Cainta.
I know and understand that Ortigas heading that way is almost always traffic, and I have no problems about that (primarily because I don't pass there). What I don't understand is why can't the traffic enforcers do something about the vehicles blocking the intersection? Why can't they just stop these vehicles from crossing when they see that they will end up stopping in the middle? Kelangan pa'ng bumisina lahat ng kotse na naaabala nito'ng mga 'to ng todo-todo bago sila gumalaw!

Mag trabaho nga kayo!