Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The traffic enforcers at this intersection are one of the laziest and stupidest I have ever seen.

Coming from C5, I typically cross this intersection so that I can get to the u-turn slot to get to Ortigas heading towards EDSA. And whenever the light turns green, the intersection is always blocked by vehicles on Ortigas heading towards Cainta.
I know and understand that Ortigas heading that way is almost always traffic, and I have no problems about that (primarily because I don't pass there). What I don't understand is why can't the traffic enforcers do something about the vehicles blocking the intersection? Why can't they just stop these vehicles from crossing when they see that they will end up stopping in the middle? Kelangan pa'ng bumisina lahat ng kotse na naaabala nito'ng mga 'to ng todo-todo bago sila gumalaw!

Mag trabaho nga kayo!