Friday, March 31, 2006

This was taken on the Sucat Rd.-Kabihasnan intersection.
Notice the AUV (can you call it that?) and it's plate number.

I know that opening up the roads of BF Homes to the public has had a positive impact on the traffic situation of both Paranaque and Muntinlupa, to the detriment of BF Homes residents. However, since the city of Paranaque has forced this, don't they have the obligation to maintain the roads and implement improvements on these to ensure a smoother flow of traffic?

For example, why haven't they removed this guardhouse on Concha Cruz, near Zapote?
This has no function and only reduces the road space. Or is this situation not so permanent as they would like us to think?

The condition of the roads are not so hot, too. Anyway, I hope the local government here starts taking their responsibilities to heart and do something about this.

Southbound SLEX was really bad beginning from where the yellow lane starts before the Sucat exit. This was caused by three separate incidents.

The first was a truck broken down right around the Sucat exit. A tow truck was already there, connecting the broken down truck to the harness.
The second was an accident between a bus and a Civic, just after the Sucat exit. A highway patrol guy was already there, and the bus just pulled to the side. To be honest about it, this was probably caused by these vehicles avoiding the broken down truck.
The last one was an accident on the West Service Rd. A truck had it's load fall down on the fence.The Filipino's penchant for being usi reigned, slowing down traffic even if the load did not really spill over much to the SLEX.

Just look at this example, taken on SLEX near the Nichols interchange.
Aside from being dangerous, these definitely add to the traffic.

Why can't a large number of drivers do this?
Can't they understand that this adds to the traffic?

Good news or bad news?

Anyway, the MMDA has proposed to the Metro Mayor's council to suspend UVVRP, or coding, in the whole Metro Manila from April 3 to June 2. Click on this link to view this news article from ABS-CBN News.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Saw this Civic at the Bicutan interchange, turning left towards the west service road.
The car had a regular front plate. No picture, though. Sayang.

Saw this jeep going southbound on SLEX at around 8:39 this morning.
Too bad the shot of the front plate isn't clear enough.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Passed by Valero in Salcedo Village earlier tonight. Not sure how long these diggings have been around, but it's definitely something that makes the road a little bit smaller, as most cars avoid them.
These actually extend to Herrera, but they used those steel plates to cover the diggings. Still a hassle, though.

Hope they finish these soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seems like the MMDA has not been monitoring their own forum for some time. Going by the posts of the site admin user, mmdapublicaffairs, it was March 6.

How will they ever respond to the public's complaints if they don't even bother to "listen"?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Maybe they should just remove the pedestrian overpass at the Magallanes-EDSA intersection. Nobody uses it anyway.

How will regular joes follow the rules when those who are tasked to enforce them don't follow them at all?

Just take a look at this cop riding his bike on the sidewalk.
Hope they clean the police force of these kinds of people. And the MMDA, army, fire department and the rest of the government as well.

Why do slow bikes stay on the fast lane when traveling on major roads? Here are a couple of examples:
The first one was taken at Filinvest, and the second one was northbound on SLEX around the Magallanes area.

First, they're slow. Slow vehicles should stay on the slow lanes. Second, they stay on the side of the lane, instead of the middle, which is the correct practice when traveling on major roads. This makes it worse because drivers behind them has a tendency to try and overtake them by squeezing between the bike and the car on the next lane. Pretty dangerous for everyone involved. Sana naman umayos ang pagmamaneho nitong mga 'to.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saw this Starex with no rear plate on EDSA southbound earlier tonight.
It did have a plate attached at the front, but I wasn't able to take a picture of it. Too bad.

When will the buses be penalized for going outside the yellow lanes?

One the major causes of traffic on EDSA is the tendency of buses to overshoot the yellow lanes when overtaking each other or avoiding other buses stopped to load and unload passengers.
There are also a lot of buses who use the regular lanes even when there are no other vehicles on the yellow lanes?
Why do they do this? I have no idea.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just look at this guy.
And he had the same plates in the front as well. You know what they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Here's another regular occurrence in the metro. Saw this jeep run the red light on Ramon Magsaysay-Old Sta. Mesa intersection.
It may not be a full intersection, but there's stil a stoplight.

Despite all the No Left Turn signs, a lot of drivers still turn left here.

Matitigas talaga ulo ng mga Pinoy!

The 4-lane Ramon Magsaysay Ave. was practically blocked off by these vehicles waiting to turn left to V. Mapa.
Hindi ba dapat hinuhuli 'tong mga ganito?

Saw this Toyota Corolla who had his own personal alternative route at the Santolan-EDSA intersection.
First, he passes through the center ground-level road on EDSA, and instead of making a u-turn, he goes straight to the opposite lane, intending to turn left to Santolan. Finding himself blocking those going the other way, he is forced to reverse a little. Then he makes a right turn to get to the other side of the intersection, makes a u-turn, then a right turn on Santolan. And all this happened in full view of several MMDA traffic enforcers.

How come guys like this get away with stupid stunts like this? Baka kamag-anak n'ya lahat ng enforcer d'yan? Or maybe he had his big, bad police ID hanging on his rearview mirror? Hay naku!

Just look at the traffic caused by the buses swerving at the last minute to get on the flyover.
The MMDA really has to do something about this practice, as this happens on all the flyovers on EDSA. Not only do they cause traffic for those going up the flyover, they also block those who want to go on the ground-level roads. And buses are not the only ones who do this, as a lot of private vehicles do this as well.

So to all the drivers who do this, please practice a little bit more courtesy. It's time to think about others and not just yourselves.

Saw another anti-smoke belching campaign on MMDA's favorite place on EDSA, northbound between Ayala and EDSA.
Commendable, as long as hindi nila pinagkikitaan.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just wondering if this enforcer used his scooter to run down this guy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hay naku! Kelan kaya maaayos ito?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Saw this Trooper with no rear plate at Santolan beside Crame earlier tonight.
It was too dark to see if it had the front plate attached, though.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saw this Corolla this afternoon on EDSA approaching Santolan.
Wasn't able to see if it had plates in front, though.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Just want to show the traffic earlier tonight.
Seems like this was caused by all the shoppers trooping to Ayala Center's Midnight Madness, 'cos after you get past the turn-off to Ayala Avenue, wala nang traffic.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are road side garbage included in your cause? If yes, see this, if not it is ok, I will take pictures of some other motoring problems I see everyday.

I’ve actually written about this “squatter practice” in REKLAMO portion and MMDA website but unfortunately NO ACTION is taking place…still everyday the same practice happens there…people living near the C5 flyover throws their garbage on their windows (maybe during the night) so every morning there are lots of garbage in that area , PNCC street sweeper cleans it everyday…authorities/Gov should tell those people to stop throwing their garbage there…sakit sa mata, talaga!
Glad to be a contributor here, it is my dream too to make Manila and the Philippines “a better place to live in” for our childrens sake…even not for me.

Maybe later you guys can expand the website to accommodate all “ills” of our society not just specific on roads, but I think that is a “tall” order, starting from something small is better than nothing at all!

[Huli Ka! note: Seems like these may be a traffic hazard, if the garbage is thrown while vehicles are passing.]

Here's another pic of this notorious bus stop on the southbound lane of EDSA, right beside Mantrade.
The irritating thing about it is that there were MMDA traffic enforcers around, and they were doing nothing to stop these buses from stopping here to pick up passengers coming from Pasong Tamo. When will they ever get to fix this?

Saw this Kia Carnival lining up to pick up some kids at the OB Montessori in Greenhills.
Because of the green tint of the plate cover, you couldn't really tell if this was a blue plate. But blue plates usually just have 4 or 5 numbers, while this one had 6.

Anyway, imagine our surprise when we glanced at the front license plate and saw a totally different plate number (RMI 888). Unfortunately, we weren't able to get a picture of it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't you think that those white headlights are a bit too bright? Here's a side by side visual comparison.
I guess it offers a lot more visibility to those drivers in vehicles with those super dark tints that you see these days. But safety for these guys may mean difficulties for those vehicles they meet on the road, as these are quite painful to the eye, even on low beams.

This was first posted 6 days ago in this post and it seems that they've already done something about it.
Tinayo nila yung nabagsak na plastic road barrier.

Hay naku!

This truck, seen stopped in the middle of SLEX right before the Merville exit around 12:51pm, didn't really cause any traffic. However, fast moving vehicles coming off the curve were seen caught off guard by it.
Anyway, a tow truck was already at hand to take it away.