Friday, March 10, 2006

Just look at this CR-V seen heading towards SLEX on C5 earlier this afternoon. Tinted na nga yung kanyang rear plate, commemorative pa yung sa harap!
Sobrang dilim na nga yung plate cover, highly reflective pa. Anyway, here's a clearer picture of his rear license plate.
As for commemorative plates, which ones are still considered valid? I've seen those that say Councilor or Mayor. Meron pa nga'ng Lawyer. There are PNP TMG plates, SEA Games plates. Could the LTO just start issuing or publishing the list of allowed ones? Better yet, why not just disallow these and just start issuing real vanity plates? That should give the LTO extra income, considering the Filipino's penchant for cars.


Anonymous said...

Just an observation...the CRV is the same CRV beside the motorbike in the Lane Splitting post...:)