Monday, March 27, 2006

Why do slow bikes stay on the fast lane when traveling on major roads? Here are a couple of examples:
The first one was taken at Filinvest, and the second one was northbound on SLEX around the Magallanes area.

First, they're slow. Slow vehicles should stay on the slow lanes. Second, they stay on the side of the lane, instead of the middle, which is the correct practice when traveling on major roads. This makes it worse because drivers behind them has a tendency to try and overtake them by squeezing between the bike and the car on the next lane. Pretty dangerous for everyone involved. Sana naman umayos ang pagmamaneho nitong mga 'to.


opinyonkoto said...

Di lang motorbikes, mas-malala nga yung mga naka-pedal bike lang. Sa gitna pa sila nagba-bike, in between to vehicles going different direction.

Just to share. I came across a texted comment published in a motoring column in one of the local newspapers. The texter said something like, "irritated with bikers, we should look at them like our brothers or sister and our outlook will change."

In my opinion, the texter was asking the readers to condone the senseless and reckless behaviour of bikers since the texter suggested that we look at them like brothers and sisters. This is to say, be more understanding, be more retrospect, be more patient, etc. etc. To the texter's comment, I say, I do not agree with you.

If what they are doing is wrong, then there should be a way to tell them that it is wrong. You can not improve on something if the solution is just to "move on" or "look the other way". This will only bring more chaos.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

you're right, it is wrong and they should be educated accordingly. but also keep in mind that drivers of 4 wheeled vehicles (cagers, i think they call us), should avoid overtaking these bikers even if they aren't on the middle of the road. everyone, bikers and cagers alike, should treat these bikes like they were full sized 4 wheel vehicles, when it comes to overtaking.

anyway, see an earlier post on lane splitting for more info on this practice.

road rage said...

Dapat maglagay na lang ng separate lane for bikes. Actually dapat wag na sila sa highway, dilikado din naman for them!

The Huli Ka! Team said...

a motorcycle lane would definitely be the ideal solution. of course, this should be separate from a bicycle lane.

as for bikes on the highway, as long as they drive properly, their bike has the capability (in terms of following the speed limits and the frame won't breakdown), and they have the appropriate riding gear, then by all means let them.

remember, it's dangerous for regular vehicles as well, and the same rules stated above should apply to them also. except, of course, for the riding gear. hehehe.