Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are road side garbage included in your cause? If yes, see this, if not it is ok, I will take pictures of some other motoring problems I see everyday.

I’ve actually written about this “squatter practice” in REKLAMO portion and MMDA website but unfortunately NO ACTION is taking place…still everyday the same practice happens there…people living near the C5 flyover throws their garbage on their windows (maybe during the night) so every morning there are lots of garbage in that area , PNCC street sweeper cleans it everyday…authorities/Gov should tell those people to stop throwing their garbage there…sakit sa mata, talaga!
Glad to be a contributor here, it is my dream too to make Manila and the Philippines “a better place to live in” for our childrens sake…even not for me.

Maybe later you guys can expand the website to accommodate all “ills” of our society not just specific on roads, but I think that is a “tall” order, starting from something small is better than nothing at all!

[Huli Ka! note: Seems like these may be a traffic hazard, if the garbage is thrown while vehicles are passing.]