Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saw this Toyota Corolla who had his own personal alternative route at the Santolan-EDSA intersection.
First, he passes through the center ground-level road on EDSA, and instead of making a u-turn, he goes straight to the opposite lane, intending to turn left to Santolan. Finding himself blocking those going the other way, he is forced to reverse a little. Then he makes a right turn to get to the other side of the intersection, makes a u-turn, then a right turn on Santolan. And all this happened in full view of several MMDA traffic enforcers.

How come guys like this get away with stupid stunts like this? Baka kamag-anak n'ya lahat ng enforcer d'yan? Or maybe he had his big, bad police ID hanging on his rearview mirror? Hay naku!