Sunday, September 04, 2005

In order for us to really get the message out, we need to get as much exposure as we can. So, please, if you have your own website or blog or whatever, add a link to us. The more links we have, the more chances people can check out the site. And the more people check out the site, the more likely that search engines like Google will pick us up.

If you guys have any other suggestions, the Huli Ka! team will really appreciate it!



Berniej said...

Hah! At last, a real patriotic use of the now ubiquitous digital camera!!! I'll surely email some contributions in the future. I'll also link this on my blog.

Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

I'm admiring you for this honorable advocacy.

I linked you up and blogged about your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AuTom! Hope you can contribute!