Monday, September 05, 2005

Does this Starex, seen in EDSA in Pasig earlier tonight, really have a valid reason for not having his license plate attached?
Although it can't be seen in the pic, it was pretty obvious that a plate was attached there previously. The fact that he doesn't have a conduction sticker also means that the van isn't new. If his plate was indeed stolen or lost, doesn't the law oblige him to put something there referring to his application to have it replaced? Or is it really because his plate number ends in a 1 or 2? If I remember correctly, Occam's Razor says that "the simplest explanation is probably the best," or something like that.

Whether or not this person had a legitimate reason or just wanted to use the van despite being banned for the day, this is reflective of a typical Filipino's attitude. "If I can get away with it, then good for me!" Which is exactly the kind of thinking that we need to change if we really want to raise ourselves out of this ditch we're in.