Monday, September 12, 2005

This post is more on safety, rather than traffic.

There are tons of motorcycles on the road these days. With today's traffic and our terrible economy, it just makes sense for most people. Having a bike gives you the flexibility of having your own transport at a relatively low cost. And traffic is not really much of a problem, as they can easily zoom between the other vehicles. The problem is a lot of them don't have sideview mirrors.

Here are a couple of pics of one that I saw on EDSA last Friday night.
How in heaven's name can these guys drive safely if they don't have the proper the proper equipment to back them up? Craning their neck every now and then to check if there are vehicles coming up behind or beside them just isn't good enough. Plus, it's infinitely more dangerous to do this while driving 40, 60, 80kph down a major road.

Isn't there a law that says they ought to have them? If there isn't, then there really ought to be one. I think the responsibility here lies more on the motorcycle manufacturers and dealers. And if that's the way they go, then it's the LTO that should be the one to enforce this as they can easily implement a no-sideview-mirror-no-registration policy. Let's just not think about the fact that the LTO is one of the most graft-ridden government departments in the Philippines.