Saturday, September 03, 2005

To everyone who wants to contribute to this honorable enterprise, there are a few posting rules to follow:

  1. The following should always be included: the date, time and location where the violation was witnessed, a picture clearly depicting the violation, and a short description of the violation, for the benefit of the ignorant.
  2. Any kind of traffic-related violation is acceptable, whether it be yellow lane, unauthorized blinkers, illegal loading or unloading, no plates, traffic cops accepting bribes, jaywalking, littering, whatever. As long as it's illegal, adds to the congestion, or increases the risks on the road.
  3. Any camera you have at your disposal is good enough. Whether it's film or digital, a point & shoot, SLR, video cam or phone camera. As long as you can shoot it (photo- or video-wise, that is), then it's good enough for Huli Ka!
  4. When composing your post, be direct to the point. The shorter the post, the better!
  5. English, tagalog, or tag-lish, it's all up to you! As long as there is someone out there who can understand it, then you can use any language or dialect you want!
  6. Profanity is a definite no-no. You can rant and rave, but please avoid personal comments. Well, as much as you can, anyway.
That's about it! Hope you guys can join in so that we can make Metro Manila a better place to live in.


Jerimiah said...

Im glad that someone is taking the initiative to capture these things. I actually had an idea identical to what you are doing its just i planned on using the video cam to capture these things that stress out good motorist in the city. Isn't it funny that majority of traffic enforcers do not do thier job when it comes to PUVs. They can easily turn a blind eye to them and at the same time apprehend those who are troubled by these PUVs. Discipline is really one of the key issues to this and i hope you keep your website up

The Huli Ka! Team said...

Thanks for your comments! Your appreciation is appreciated. =)

By the way, you can help keep the site up by contributing.