Friday, December 23, 2005

A view of traffic on the SLEX from the Alabang flyover.

At the Alabang flyover - 12:04:18
Turns out the traffic was caused by the extremely long line of vehicles exiting to Sucat.
The start of the line - 12:11:37
The line started even before the yellow lane, which is over a kilometer from the exit.
The 1 kilometer marker - 12:14:41
The 300 meter marker - 12:23:57
And, finally, the Sucat interchange!
A couple of clowns - 12:29:45
Imagine! Over 25 minutes to travel approximately 4 kilometers! If we traveled by horse, they'd be jumping for joy.

Tapos, may mga singit pa sa pila kagaya nito!
Hay naku talaga!


Anonymous said...

haha makes one wonder if that should still be called an "EXPRESSway"