Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here's another loading and unloading hotspot. This time it's at the Ortigas-Eisenhower T-intersection.
On the first pic, you see the G-Liner bus number 3001 at the front of the line with several cars behind it, and the light just turned green. On the second pic taken around a minute later, you see the same bus stopped in the middle of the T-intersection, loading and unloading passengers. Wala talagang konsiderasyon ang mga ito.

Anyway, on a side note, abuso din yung CR-V (YCP 216) on the first pic. While on the third lane, he cut into the second lane so that he can turn left on Eisenhower, forcing all the cars going straight to stick to the outermost lane (which, in turn, was blocked by the stupid bus). Just goes to show that even the supposed "educated" ones can be quite stupid, as well.


GlennSter said...

hey!this is cool.i am a moderator of a local forum and we have the same "theme" in one of our subforums...the "Goon Squad" forum found in www.tsikot.com

please free to visit us there!thanks!

The Huli Ka! Team said...

Thanks, glennster! Saw the thread on www.tsikot.com about this site. Thanks for spreading the word! And hope you and the rest of the tsikot forum members can contribute.

carlocaraddict said...

hi! ok talaga itong site mo. Sana madami ka pang mapost.


carlocaraddict (tsikot.com)

The Huli Ka! Team said...

thanks, carlocaraddict! appreciative comments such as yours give us good reason to continue.

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