Sunday, September 21, 2008

No more phones while driving?
There's a pending bill that proposes a total ban on the use of cellphones while driving. The weird thing about it is that it exempts law enforcers, rescue vehicle drivers (ambulances, fire engines, etc.) and media people. Maybe their training gave them abilities beyond that of the common man.

Actually, the cities of Manila, Makati and Cebu already have regulations banning this, but it is hardly enforced (unless the enforcers really need money). The bill, we believe, seeks to expand coverage to the whole country.

Spycams in Pasay
Pasay City will be installing CCTV cameras on major roads in the city for traffic monitoring. However, Florencio Mateo, chief of the Pasay City Traffic and Parking Management Office, has also said that the cameras will be used to monitor "abusive" traffic enforcers. So, smile everyone! You're on candid camera!

PNP and LTO admits to existence of fake plate syndicate
Seems like the PNP and LTO have caught some of the small fry who are part of a syndicate selling fake license plates right inside LTO's main compound. In a sting operation, the police were able to buy a yellow plate, an 8 protocol plate and a diplomatic plate from this group, each for just P9,000.00, complete with the appropriate LTO documents. A closer inspection of the plates reveal that, although quite similar to legitimate plates, the LTO is able to determine that these were indeed fake (which we suppose would be something that your everyday traffic enforcer would be unable to do).

Kaya pala kumakalat ngayon yung mga special plates sa kalye. They should really start cleaning up their own backyard.