Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saw this pickup on Saturday around lunch time on EDSA.How in Heaven's name can a license plate break like this accidentally?


LJDiaz said...

I have similar problems like that but mine has a missing letter instead of a number, that plate was basically infront but when i am parked around our school many students always get caught up in the plate number making the poor plate of mine getting folded over and over again, and due to this, one day i just realized that i was driving my car to greenhills with my mom when suddenly the parking girl who gives the tickets asked what is the first letter on my plate, i was wondering why and she told me that the plate's first letter was missing, since then i changed the rear plate to the front plate, and up until now i am still using that plate.

the thing is i wanted to change my plate but to change it, i must surrender my license plate to lto and put a temporary plate instead, which is something i cant do since it takes a lot of time,and i am using the car frequently.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

Really? Thanks, LJDiaz, for the first-hand info on this!
How long did the LTO say a license plate replacement would take? And what kind of requirements would you need to submit? I'm sure a lot of people out there would appreciate the info. Thanks again!

LJDiaz said...

Hmm from what i remember, it would take around 3 months until I get the new "rizal" plates. I would need to submit an affidavit of loss, the two original plates that I have and some money, i forgot how much it cost, but one thing I remember was they said to be able to get the plates sooner than the alloted 3 months then I would have to make "tongpats". But I turned down the offer though.

I was once caught up in a police checkpoint along with my broken plate number. I was expecting that they would flag me down for that but they did not mind, what they just did was checked if the broken plate was original or not, well, i am damn sure that it was original.

I did not hear a word from them and got off.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

3 months?!? Grabe naman. How difficult would it be to give you a new set once they've confirmed the authenticity of the plates and registration? I assume the long wait meant they planned to press the same plate number instead of issuing a new set. And the cops didn't even give you a hard time or a ticket? Iba talaga. Sure says a lot about the importance they put in being able to track vehicles.

Thanks for the feedback. We're sure someone out there will find this quite informative.