Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Death threats for Oplan Isnabero chief
Fernando Quiambao, LTO's Oplan Isnabero chief and executive assistant of Reynaldo Berroya, has been receiving SMS death threats through their hotline.

Kawawa naman. They should track the numbers used and go after these bastards.

Traffic channel proposed by MMDA
MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando is currently in talks with SkyCable to acquire a cable channel to broadcast traffic conditions.

Now, how useful can this really be? For those who check out the traffic situation on the tube before leaving their houses, the conditions will most likely have changed by the time they reach those areas. And since it's cable, portable TVs inside the cars can't pick it up. Maybe the MMDA should concentrate their resources on something a lot more useful, don't you think?