Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Found this totally unrelated thing while searching the 'net for the official guidelines for commemorative plates.

Anyway, it's a press release from the PNP last October regarding the use of their motorcycles. Basically, it says:
1. PNP motorcycles cannot be used as escorts for weddings, birthdays and funerals. They can only be used as escorts by "the President and other high-ranking officials of the land and foreign dignitaries are people needing immediate medical attentions or emergency assistance such as victims of accidents, calamities and other similar cases."
2. All riders, whether they be the driver and backriders, should always wear the proper PNP uniform and prescribed helmets. -- We suppose this means that civilians cannot ride unless it's an emergency.
3. PNP motorcycles being used in patrols should have license plates attached to them at all times. -- Shouldn't all PNP vehicles have red plates? We've seen quite a few PNP-driven bikes that are outfitted like official bikes, but are actually underpowered and have green plates. Are these official?

So if you guys see any violators, take a pic and send it in!

P.S. Can't seem to find any official commemorative plates guidelines. The closest we got to is this.