Saturday, January 19, 2008

Police car involved in accident
A jeepney crashed into the side of a police car at the corner of Aurora and Balete around 11:30am today. According to the jeepney driver, the police car allegedly beat the red light. Also, he claims that the blinker and siren were only turned on after the accident. Anyway, the traffic investigator said that the jeepney driver may be charged with "reckless imprudence resulting in multiple injuries and damage to government property."

I actually believe the jeepney driver's story. I've seen too many police vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, ignoring stoplights, no left turns, no u-turns, one ways, etc., for no particular reason aside from their own convenience.

Impounded taxis found to have tampered engine numbers
The LTO has reported that 14 out of 85 taxis currently impounded were found to have tampered engine and chassis numbers, leading them to believe that these were stolen.

For details on the plate, engine and chassis numbers of these taxis, check out the article. You never know, you might find your long, lost, stolen vehicle.

MMDA and Pasay fight over DFA parking
Pasay mayor Peewee Trinidad criticized the MMDA after 8 MMDA enforcers issued tickets to 42 vehicles belonging to officials, employees and visitors of the DFA parked on the service road of Roxas Blvd. According to the mayor, that area has long been used as a parking area by the DFA, and is supposedly covered by a city ordinance that provides free parking to DFA officials, employees and visitors. The Pasay Traffic and Parking Management Office wanted to file a case against the 8 enforcers but backed off after the enforcers took back the tickets they issued. MMDA chariman Bayani Fernando responded that if their enforcers were arrested, they would file their own charges.

In the first place, the DFA should develop their own parking area. Roxas Blvd. is one of the metro's major thoroughfares and experiences heavy traffic all the time. Isn't the public interest more important than the convenience of these officials?