Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rerouting at Ayala Center
Due to a planned construction of an access ramp to Glorietta V, Hotel Drive, the road right in front of Hotel Intercontinental will be reduced to a single lane. Construction will begin on January 21 and is expected to end by the end of of April.

Check out the article for more information on the rerouting.

Binay 2010 commemorative plates not valid in Makati
Mayor Jejomar Binay has announced that the Binay 2010 commemorative plates will not be recognized in Makati City. According to him, he is not in any way connected, nor given consent, to the group that is releasing these plates. He also stressed that the city's traffic code does not recognize ANY commemorative plate and may earn the driver a fine of P2,000.00 and confiscation of the said plate.

Hehehe. Classic guerrilla marketing technique.

MMDA's u-turn slots and concrete barriers make driving instructors' jobs more difficult
Driving instructors are having a difficult time teaching their students how to deal with the u-turn slots and concrete barriers that the MMDA has been setting up all over the metro, since the LTO does not mention these on their standard driver's manual.

Hay naku. How difficult can it be? First, ALWAYS follow the lane lines. Second, ALWAYS stay on the outermost lane (barring the yellow lanes) and transfer to the next innermost lane only if overtaking. Third, ease into the appropriate lane around 200-300 meters when approaching the u-turn, intersection, turn-off, ramp, exit, access road, barriers, whatever that they will be taking (or avoiding, as the case may be). Third, ALWAYS use your signal light when changing lanes. And use it BEFORE you actually change lanes and not during. Fourth, stay on the leftmost lane if turning left on the next intersection, or the rightmost lane if turning right. Fifth, if traffic is merging from two lanes to one, always follow the alternating rule. Sixth, be courteous to other drivers and avoid inconveniencing others. Last, the pedestrian always has right of way, even if they are jaywalking.

Just imagine how much better driving will be if all drivers follow these simple rules.