Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The MMDA will implement their electronic bus routing system this February, using an RFID microchip to track bus movements on the metro's main thoroughfares. Supposedly, this will help them control the number of buses plying the roads and catch colorum buses. Based on their estimates, this system will supposedly cut down traffic by 50%.

Bus operators, on the other hand, have expressed concerns on the cost of installing the microchip and has requested that the MMDA should ensure that it should be affordable, or even provided for free. Also, they are afraid that once colorum buses have been taken out, "traffic law enforcers, to meet their day's 'quota,' will resort to taking aim at legal operators even for petty violations".

The funny thing about this is that the example that Claire dela Fuente, Integrated Metro Bus Operation Association president, to illustrate this point was "May konting basag lang ang windshield side mirrors, huhulihin na." I don't think that's petty, considering that being able to see behind you is very important to safe driving, diba?

Anyway, to read more about this, check out these articles from ABS-CBN News and GMA News.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of what electronic device you come up with, it's still the human being steering the bus that needs fixing.

And if their president has that attitude, well, I don't see any hope for the traffic mess these buses cause everyday. I don't even know how she's qualified to lead them. (The brightest of the dumbest kaya?)

Even on Sundays or late at night, there are bottlenecks at bus stops. All you need is 1 bus blocking 3 lanes cuz there are no enforcers around.

I pray for this country everyday...kasi hindi naman ganito dito dati. So there still may be hope.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

best of the worst. hahahahaha!

btw, singer yan si claire dela fuente dati.

Ton said...

We should do the following:

1. PUVs should only be allowed on the rightmost lane on any street.

2. No over-taking allowed.

3. Private vehicles can use the PUV lane, at their own risk, but PUVs cannot go on to the private lanes.

4. PUVs should be considered 2nd class vehicles whereby they must, at all times, give way to private vehicles.