Monday, January 07, 2008

Good manners and right conduct course for Manila traffic cops
Mayor Alfredo Lim announced that a monthly seminar on these, as well as traffic management, will be held for Manila's traffic enforcers. He also mentioned that "the priority of traffic enforcers should not be in issuing traffic citation tickets but to manage traffic."

This is good. Maybe it'll help reduce the number of heated exchanges that occur between them and drivers.

Discount on fuel extended to January 15
Eastern Petroleum and Unioil has extended their P1.00 and P0.50 discount for gas and diesel, respectively, 'til January 15.

Seems like we can expect a new round of price hikes after the 15th due to the recent surges in world oil prices. So, gas up now!

Oplan Isnabero complainants have to show up
LTO chief Reynaldo Berroya calls on complainants to show up at the hearings against the taxi drivers they reported under Oplan Isnabero.

I suppose this means that if you don't show up, they can't prosecute.