Monday, December 31, 2007

MMDA looking for a few good men
As a result of the early retirement of around 3,500 workers, the MMDA is set to hire around 4,000 new employees, including enforcers, engineers and construction workers. Sure hope the 3,500 includes slackers and kotong enforcers. Maybe they should consider hiring traffic analysts and industrial engineers as well, so they could better improve traffic flow.

PNCC strike tomorrow at the Skyway
Avoid the Skyway tomorrow morning, as employees of the PNCC are planning to stage a strike starting at 6am to protest the termination of some of their employees as a result of it's privatization.

TMG reports 2007 performance
According to this article, the TMG has done well this year cracking down on car thieves. It also says that they have confiscated 100 sirens, four blinkers and 116 fog lights because of the TMG’s Text Wangwang project.