Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just take a look at all these buses.
The ones on the right have been waiting for a few minutes. The one in the middle was trying to cut in to the right, but ended up loading and unloading right on that spot for at least three minutes. And the one on the left couldn't cut in so he stopped on the foot of the SLEX-bound lane of the flyover to load and unload. This was taken at around 2:30pm today.

When I finally got past these buses, I talked to the MMDA enforcer assigned there to complain. And all he can say was "kakarating ko lang dito galing sa HQ." I think his name was Carito or something like that. Useless.


vladyderamos said...

nakow. talagang ganyan dyan sa area na yan everyday. i always pass this route going home from makati to las pinas. and talagang pinapabayaan lang ng mga MMDA enforcers yung mga buses dyan.