Saturday, December 08, 2007

These buses swerve three to four lanes to get to the corner right after the entrance of Dasmarinas Village, just dangerously missing vehicles coming from SLEX and Pasong Tamo. Then these buses stop at the second and third lanes to let out and pick up commuters. So those vehicles coming from SLEX and Pasong Tamo are then forced to swerve two to three lanes just to avoid these buses. It's like a house of dominoes!
When, oh, when will the MMDA do something about this?!?


LeaderOne said...

before there was MMDA traffic enforcers there but lately, i don't see any...same with the other side(south bound) during rush hours in the afternoon..on the other side, there are some MMDA officers but the bus drivers doesnt mind them since they dont have TVR with them.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

actually, it's a lot worse on the other side, as evidenced by the traffic it causes. there was one time na nasigawan ko yung enforcer kasi nga walang ginagawa. nagulat tapos pinagalaw na yung mga bus.