Monday, December 31, 2007

Just found out about this when I was looking up articles for today's traffic news roundup.

Anyway, did a search and found this article on Abante. seems like the TMG launched this project last October. So if you see a vehicle sporting blinkers, wangwangs, or other similar gadgets, you can text the plate number to 0928-3982873 or 0916-9660244.

Again, only the the following can use these gadgets on their duly-registered vehicles:
1. President of the Philippines
2. Vice President
3. Senate President
4. Speaker of the House
5. Chief Justice
6. Police
7. Ambulances

I suppose all Presidential Security Group vehicles are also allowed to use them, although they aren't on the list.

Kaya text-text na! Para mabawasan ang mga buwakaw dito sa 'pinas!


Mars Tagorda said...

You may have missed Firetruck.