Sunday, October 02, 2005

Every weekend, I notice that tons of traffic enforcers end up on EDSA right before Buendia to catch smoke belchers. From what I've seen, they indiscriminately stop all types of diesel vehicles to measure their emission levels. Here are a couple of pics taken on Saturday, October 1, at 11:16am, of the vehicles they have stopped.
There must've been around 20 or more vehicles.

Anyway, I really applaud their efforts in enforcing the law, but shouldn't they concentrate on enforcing other laws that would make traffic flow better? I mean, there are already mechanisms to catch vehicles that do not meet emission standards during the annual registration. Plus, a lot of the vehicles being stopped don't even belch smoke. If you use diesel, they'll flag you down. And it just causes more traffic.

The question is that are they really serious about this thing, or is this just an excuse for them to rake in the tong?