Sunday, October 02, 2005

Here are a couple of pics of buses stopping on the middle of the road to load or unload passengers, and clogging up the roads behind them. Both of these were taken on the morning of Saturday, October 1, northbound on EDSA.
This first picture was taken right before the Guadalupe bridge. These buses were eating up almost 4 lanes of the road, and were blocking the off-ramp already.
This next one was taken near the Ortigas interchange. As you can see, this one bus was stopped right before the interchange to load or unload passengers, and blocking the cab.

There are several obvious hotspots along EDSA where proper traffic management can really benefit the public. Questions is, why can't the MMDA or local governments do something about these? Are they really that stupid? Or is it just that there's no money in doing this?