Monday, December 22, 2008

This is the third sighting this month. This guy was seen heading south on SLEX approaching the Alabang viaduct. His license plate was extremely faded but using Photoshop, we were able to make the plate number pop out. Looks like PH-6998.
Lemme see. First, no helmet. Second, the backrider is not from the PNP. Third, the plate number is faded. Three strikes and you're out!

Anyway, there was an old post here regarding a press release of then PNP Chief Avelino Razon regarding the PNP's motorcycle use policy, but the link in that post doesn't seem to work anymore. However, we've managed to capture a screen shot from the Daily Tribune of the same press release so we're posting it here.
Sure hope that the current PNP chief Jesus Verzosa takes action on these guys. They need to shape up if they want our respect.