Monday, October 20, 2008

Every Sunday, one of our readers is awoken by the sounds of exotic cars zooming on the Skyway at around 7:30am. So here are some pics he managed to take.
Here's one of the cars, a Porsche we think, passing Pasong Tamo before the race, probably on his (or her) way to the starting line.
There were quite a few of them, and their number keeps getting bigger and bigger every weekend. According to our reader, it started out with a two identical Ferraris (a red and a yellow one) a couple of years ago, and they didn't race all that often. But now, it seems like it's getting to be a regular thing.

Well, let's just hope that none of them fall off and hit some poor unfortunate soul on the ground level.


The Huli Ka! Team said...

dami palang videos nito'ng mga 'to sa youtube. here's a link:

medyo delikado din 'tong ginagawa nila.