Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The DOTC has announced that it will impose stricter sanctions against PUV companies and drivers who have been involved in road accidents. This includes the immediate suspension of the driver and a 30-day cease-and-desist order for the PUV company pending investigation of the accident.

We suppose this is in response to the revelation that the bus driver that rammed the Mercedes Benz a few days ago, resulting in the death of Dr. Federico Sarabia, had a record of over 7 traffic violations with the MMDA. Good move by the DOTC, but isn't this supposed to be standard practice?

And why just now? Are they taking action because the victim (no offense to his family) happened to be a prominent personality? News reports involving traffic-related deaths are not uncommon, and a lot of them have been about trucks or buses losing control because of either reckless driving or some equipment malfunction. Shouldn't the drivers or the bus or trucking companies, depending on the circumstances, be suspended and held liable if the investigation proves that they were at fault?

Hay naku. Another knee jerk reaction from the government. Kelangan talagang may mangyaring masama bago gumalaw ng maayos.