Saturday, October 18, 2008

LTO chief Alberto Suansing has announced plans to require driver's license applicants to go through a neuro-psychiatric test. According to him, they are currently determining if implementation would require Congress or can be done via an administrative order. He also said that this will definitely increase the driver's license fee but that "it would be a small price to pay to ensure the safety of the motorists and the pedestrians."

Hay naku! Raket na naman! Just like that stupid drug test which costs P300 (or is it P250?) when the total cost for the test is much less than P100. You know, instead of outsourcing the testing, they should just accredit major hospitals and clinics. That way people will have:
1. A choice where to have the test done - Having to pee in front of strangers in these dingy, dirty, so-called clinics is not a good experience.
2. Promote competition and bring the prices down - A piss and a standard optemetrist's chart is not worth 300 bucks.
3. Remove any doubts that this is a money-making scheme - This exclusive stuff really does lead us to believe that there's someone out there making big bucks on this.

If they're worried about "cheating", then they can declare a test validity period. And if they're really paranoid, then they should just come up with a central database and ask those accredited to connect and update real-time (uy, another potential money-making scheme for Stradcomm!).