Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando has announced that the MMDA will be replacing their Metro Gwapo tarpaulins with new ones. Instead of BF's serious mug, the new tarps will show him smiling. He also stated that he is using this opportunity to build a "stock of goodwill" and not as early campaigning. Read about it here.

Iba talaga 'tong si BF. Giving him credit, most, if not all, politicians try and promote themselves through their projects. That's why you see billboards with their names at construction sites, on ambulances or baranggay vehicles, or even on street lamps. It's just that BF's "project" has a much wider coverage than what we're used to. On the other hand, these tarps serve no direct purpose unlike vehicles or street lamps. This makes it a lot more "opportunistic" and "vulgar". Bottom-line, it's a waste of the government's money.

Hay naku. Ang laki ng binagsak mo, chairman. Sayang talaga.


abby said...

i refer to my comment in your previous post:

if then, it was a presumption of arrogance, this disgusting "revamp" is a patent vulgarity. it's a rude slap in the face to me as a taxpayer, and as a filipino.