Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saw this police car on EDSA earlier tonight. He was using his wang-wang frequently, trying to get the cars in front of him to give way.
Now, if this guy was really trying to catch a criminal, or was on his way to an important crime scene, why doesn't he use his blinkers to get everyone's attention? And why doesn't he keep his siren on all the time, instead of using it in short bursts? If I were him, and I was on an urgent mission, then I'd be driving like the worst jerk in the world, blaring my sirens and blinkers, beeping my horn and flashing my lights, so that everyone would get out of the way.

TMG ka pa naman. Nakakahiya ka talaga!


Jarius Manuel Relente said...

Pwede Naman Mag-gamit ng Siren At Blinkers Ang Sasakyan Ng Pulis