Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not only is it a jeepney stop, it's also a major pedestrian crossing.
I wonder when the MMDA will do something about this? May outpost naman sila d'un sa harap nito'ng lugar na 'to.


Anonymous said...

Kapatid, handsoff MMDA dyan..ayaw ni Binay ng kahit anong may tatak ni BF...alam mo na, ayaw masapawan!

The Huli Ka! Team said...

So why doesn't Makati's local traffic enforcemnt guys do something?

I guess that's one problem with this kind of setup. Pwedeng-pwede sila magturuan.

Jr Galang said...

There's an overpass above that area that nobody uses mainly because of human feces lurking around the area. I already tried using that overpass and I just stepped back. I can't cross without stepping on one.

It's not like I don't care about squatters but they have to be relocated. Human feces are, environmentally bad. Not only for fellow humans, but to the world as well.