Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saw this traffic enforcer waiting (actually, more of hiding) on Amorsolo underneath the Skyway off-ramp, waiting for cars to do an illegal left turn from Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Rd.). Anyway, he waved down this old Pajero, who I suppose tried to beat the red light and failed, and started to talk to the driver.
Once the driver lowered his window, he immediately flashed an ID, and the enforcer let him go. Palakasan talaga dito sa Pilipinas!

Another thing I don't understand is that why do these enforcers "hide" and catch these violators after the fact, instead of staying at the intersection, visible to everyone, and prevent these people from violating the law. Can someone please explain this to me?


cool100 said...

Simple, so that motorists will always think that there is someone always waiting/hiding to give them a ticket and thus they will follow laws all the time.

JV16 said...

I dont see anything wrong w/ the cops hiding.

It doesnt mean that just because there isnt any traffic enforcers around, motorist(s) can ignore traffic regs. It is the responsibilty of the motorist to comply w/ the traffic regulations. Nonetheless, a visible traffic enforcer can serve as a deterrent to violators.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

Well, I suppose that does present a more long term solution to enforcing discipline.

Anonymous said...

Siguro , i broad cast na lang nila na cops will be hiding all the time so that people should obey traffic laws, with or without cops around...ika nga reverse pschology ! he! he!