Friday, February 01, 2008

No need for BF stickers
Parañaque mayor Jun Bernabe, Jr. has announced that an existing ordinance allows all residents and non-residents with vehicles to freely enter BF Homes gates located within the city. These gates include those on the main gates on Aguirre, Elizalde and El Grande.

As for gates located in Las Piñas, Jimmy Castillano, chief of the Las Piñas Public Information Office, has said that access to the Southland, Mariposa, and Concha Cruz gates are covered by "friendship stickers," which are given to Las Piñas residents for free. Also, Las Piñas mayor Nene Aguilar has ordered UBFHAI guards to vacate all BF gates located in the city.

So, anyone can enter from Parañaque, but can they exit at Las Piñas? What about Alabang residents? Can they pass the Las Piñas side? This is kinda confusing.

MMDA admits that their enforcers are incompetent
The MMDA has offered early retirement packages to 700 of its personnel, after realizing that almost half of their enforcers are incompetent.

Ngayon lang ba nila napansin 'to?!?