Monday, February 04, 2008

In Manila this morning, a traffic enforcer flagged down a car and, true-to-form, asked for kotong. Unfortunately for him, the occupant was none other than the new head of the LTO, Alberto Suansing. Playing along, Suansing gave in and handed over the money first, then introduced himself.

Hahahahaha! Kawawang tao!

No details on whether he was flagged down 'cos of a real violation, who the enforcer is, or what will happen to him.

Anyway, read the article here.


bambit said...

Hey guys, great thing you have going here. I would suggest you quote excerpts from the news items you link to, in case the news items themselves go offline, as the one above has. I've linked you from my latest blog post, and will include you in my recommended links as well. Keep it up!