Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An ordinance is being proposed by Quezon City Councilor Jesus Suntay to implement the charging of street parking fees on roads near "areas of special interest." If approved, parking fees of P10 for the first three hours plus P5 for every succeeding block of three hours will be charged for parking on roads surrounding the city's "parks, churches, government offices, schools, museums, hospitals and shopping malls."

Hay naku! Dagdag gastos na naman ito. Okay lang sana kung maalagaan at ma-pro-protektahan nila ng mabuti ang mga nakaparadang sasakyan, kaso alam naman nating lahat na di nila magagawa ito ng mabuti.


Renan said...

they're already doing this in Makati. At least here, they do a *somewhat* decent job of keeping watch over the cars.

The Huli Ka! Team said...

"here" in Makati, you mean?

anyway, they also do this in San Juan, particularly around the Greenhills shopping mall area. the problem there is that instead of parallel slots, they opted to go for diagonal on some roads, presumably to make room for more cars to park. it would've been okay if they painted new lane divisions, but they haven't and it's been causing some problems for vehicles passing there.

Renan said...

yup, "here" == makati. there are time limits though, and they're really strict about it. They'll tow you at the drop of a hat. it's not that bad once you get used to it (the parking, not the towing).